Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The proof just keeps rolling in

I know my last post may have sounded a little harsh, and perhaps it was. However, in my defense the evidence just keeps rolling in. In an ironic twist of fate I came across this post in my web wanderings this morning, "It's all a farce, anyway". In it the author is more interested in the effects of web surfer apathy as it applies to ad revenue, then blog quality, but she does begin with a very interesting anecdote. She apparently had been speaking with a number of Mac programmers, during which they reveled that they were party to a bloggers successful attempts to game the social bookmarking site For anyone who follows Digg that's not a big shock, gaming seems to have been a problem for some time on the site. However, the bloggers next statement is significantly more interesting. He revels that his gaming strategy depends largely on the fact that after a point Digg users cease to read the articles themselves and simply Digg anything that catches their fancy. This behavior suggests that Digg users are less interested in the content then they are the activity of "digging", in effect, "killing time". I must admit, this comes as less of a revelation to me then it appears to have the author of the post, but it is nice to hear it from the horses mouth. As a student first and blogger second, evidence still trumps opinion.

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