Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Post (My Bio)


I am an MLIS student at the University of Western Ontario, currently in my third and final term (hopefully). Last year I com pleated a BA in Political Science and American Studies from the University of Toronto. I am and have been for the last 7 years an employee of the Toronto Public Library system at the Burrows Hall branch . Besides school and work much of my time over the last several years has been dedicated to training for and running in a number of marathons and races of other assorted distances. I spend many of my days attempting to reconcile my passion for libraries and my love of running, unfortunately reading while running results in way to many injuries.

About my social software experience, I have blogged, if only briefly. I have and do subscribe to RSS feeds both through a variety of aggregators and through firefox’s live bookmark feature. I’m not a fan of, not because of its underling principle but because the interface is atrocious. By far my favorite piece of social software is the social news aggregation site, not simply for its functionality and interface but because of the various personalities involved in its creation. I’m a reader of wikipedia but have only contributed once, in aid of Steve Cobert’s abortive sabotage attempt (In my defence I think he was making a valid point).

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Welcome to 757, Ian!