Saturday, October 28, 2006

A bug in Digg

I've been using digg a lot in the last few hours trying to generate interest in my last , designed for digg, post and I think I may have found a bug. I'm sure their are other ways of reporting bugs but it seems very much in the digg spirit to do so through a blog post/digg submission. Anyway, the bug seems to show when one tries to digg the "my number 1" story of a user they've just befriended. A message appears saying that you've already dugg the story regardless of whether this is true or not. If you then leave your new friends profile and go to the story's page itself digg will once again let you digg it. The critical point is that the bug is only apparent when digging from the page to which you are sent after initially befriending someone. Well there it is, I can now rest peacefully knowing that I've done my bit to make digg better.


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